Good Lord



“Jodie is a talented designer who fits seamlessly into our design agency as one of the team. Her experience not only allows her to quickly pick up tasks or work alongside our in-house designers, but we also feel confident in her leading projects and liaising with the client during busy periods.”

James Roberts, Creative Director of


“Jodie has been my creative right arm for almost a decade. As any marketing manager or studio manager will know, it’s really hard to find a designer who is equally creative and at the same time efficient at the output side of projects.

Jodie combines the two standing on her head and her personable nature means she’s really easy to work with and great with clients too. You won’t find another freelancer quite like this one!”

Rachel Reeves, Director of Rachel Reeves Consultancy


“Having seen Jodie's portfolio I was confident she could bring the level of creativity we required to position a ‘newly acquired’ business as a premium service provider. Her service has been first-rate throughout the project. She instantly 'got' what we were looking for and her first designs hit the nail on the head. Not just from a design perspective, but also the formats and finishes used to bring the designs to life. Her communication and response rate is excellent and I would have no qualms whatsoever about recommending Jodie to anyone looking to bring some quality design and original thinking to their marketing.”

Lydia Barber, Group Marketing Manager of Filtermist